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​A series based on voyages and uprisings along the coolie trade, which transported indentured laborers from southern China to colonies in the Americas in the decades following the abolition of slavery. 

Lisa Lowe, Intimacies of Four Continents

Evelyn Hu-DeHart, “La Trata Amarilla: The “Yellow Trade” and the Middle Passage, 1847–1884” from Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World

Edgar Holden, “A Chapter on the Coolie Trade,” Harper’s Monthly, 1864

Gary Okihiro, “Afterword: Toward a Black Pacific,” in AfroAsian Encounters: Culture, History, Politics

The Children Are Always Ours
Mutiny on the Nouvelle Penelope
Flora Temple Undersea
All Aboard the Waverly
Floating Hell
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