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Grace Jin 金睿思 is an artist and medical student based in San Francisco. She was born in Ohio but raised in rural Zhejiang, China by her grandparents, a traditional Chinese medicine physician and Chinese calligrapher. Using oil painting, Chinese calligraphy, installation and bookbinding, Grace creates altars for healing in the Sino-diaspora, drawing wisdom from Taoist spirituality, traditional Chinese medicine, decolonial and intersectional feminist theory. 

Grace’s practice in art, just as in medicine, is a quest to bear witness to suffering in hopes of transforming it. Tracing pathologies of chronic pain, mental illness, geopolitical anxiety, diasporic estrangement and kinships defined by absence, she seeks to subvert the senseless grief of the present and open portals toward collective liberation. Grace received a BA in Global Affairs from Yale University, is currently at Stanford School of Medicine, and will be pursuing a MFA at California College of the Arts.  

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